Representing the conformity of a box. Giving visual il the text.

That Box Outside the Box

But Still in the Box.

We all want to be loved and accepted by everybody. But we all want to be unique, special. Having something more than others. Do we want to be different? Or like everybody? We want people to understand what we go through. But do we always consider what that person goes through? We all want to be outside the box, without realizing we also want to fit in the box.

Stuck in Conformity.

We all want that Apple phone. Because it’s Apple! It’s the latest one, so it MUST be good. Kindle is THE best way to read a book. Look at everyone on the train, reading their kindles…oops, that trend has finished already.
Since primary school, we want to be accepted. To have friends. If our clothes are not Nike or another brand, or if they are not fashioned for the time, we take the risk to be excluded to the ball games in the playground. Being accepted? Having our tastes being shaped by our surroundings?
A piece of good news now is that it’s becoming trendy to be different and introverted. Meanwhile, the introvert synonymous with technology separating us.

Unconsciously, if everyone has one, it must be good. Even if some people notice something different about you, and you observe whispering and side eyes, your basic instinct doesn’t want to be excluded from the pack. There is less chance to survive on your own than with that pack. So why be outside the box?

Laugh about being curvy. But it used to be the female beauty standard of medieval times!
Some spend fortunes on holidays to over-tan. Once upon a time, only poor farmers used to be brown, and the aristocracy was as white as snow!
Once we sought unique seeking talents to produce realistic art. And now, we look for the impossible word of the abstract.
No matter the trend we hate and love today; it will completely change in the next few years. And we will adapt, to the pack.

Aren’t we all Unique?

Starting by the secret dream to be a superhero, to have the knowledge others doesn’t. Having unique skills, understanding what others don’t. Using a red umbrella, to contrast with all the black ones surrounding you.

making the text breathe and giving a visual to the text.
Echec et Mat

We all grow up differently. Have different stories. And those experiences decide our future choices and reactions. In a way, that always makes us different. And because of our past and past decisions, we understand some and don’t others.

Everyone wants to be understood, appreciated by their surroundings. To fit into the box. Some are introverts, preferring their own thoughts and time on their own. But they can feel lonely too. Others are extroverts, but still, enjoy a bit of time on their own.

We all want what we seek. But once we have it, we look for something else after a while. As badly and passionate as the first time. But… are we just unsatisfied? Getting bored with what we get?

Some people rely on others, seeking help and guidance the whole time. Enjoy someone having control over their lives. And once they seek independence, they find themselves surrounded by 2 choices and more, not able to decide which one is the right one. If only they knew none of them is right, but this is what makes our story unique and different. Outside the box, in a box.

We All Have an Ego. And we Live Through It.

All of us, at the end of the day, think the similar ways. We do what we believe is best, from what we heard or lived in our short lives. All of us, at the end of the day, are selfish. We all have an ego. And we live through it. Being nice to be recognized or feel helpful, useful. And hard on others, to feel better in a way, right, or simply feel important. We always miss a part of a story and believe we are always right.

It takes a great mind, to accept where we make mistakes. Forgetting others who did not brush us in the wrong way, by understanding why and how they acted that way, which displeased their selfish ego.
Some people find yoga helpful. Sometimes religion. But meditation is only a key to ourselves, and the work is only from us.

It takes great self-control of that selfish ego, for a heart in peace, happy. And the work begins and ends with us. Always us. We are both the employee and the boss, relentlessly chopping firewood to serve the ego. Our journey is an intimate one.

But What do I Know?

Different, outside the box burning news
Burning news

After all, this is only my opinion! Feeling outside the box? Or in the box? And one more opinion on the large internet of the web. So you will finally have to make your own mind. Meanwhile, don’t be shy to share it in the comments.

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