Getting what YOU Want out of Life

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe.

I am struggling. I am struggling with the weight of expectations; those self-imposed and those thrust upon me by society in my formative years and now, by the whispers of social media. We are all told to “do more”, “be more”, “have more”, “love more” etc. The interweb seeks to unlock our true “potential” so that it can, ironically, deliver us the best, greatest version of ourselves, to ourselves. Our own personal Nirvana.

What is the truth, though? Where do we fit in, those of us that are not uber-connected millennials? Those of us who are children of hard-working parents, whose only notion of achieving their “potential” was to bring home the bacon each month? What does the notion of “potential” mean to me, an almost-forty-something single dad?  And, importantly, what can I do to achieve my potential now?

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Read Think Travel!

Travel and you will be rich – Old Arab Saying

Between reading books, thinking spiritually, and dreaming backpacker dreams, we launched ourselves into writing a blog to share our experiences and life.

First, let me present ourselves. Two entrepreneurs, drinking life from our travels and eating books to try to understand life. Our curious natures mean that we are constantly trying new things: from starting businesses to new self-development routines to exploring new countries.

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