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Introducing RTT Book Reviews! Let Us Stock Your Bookshelves

Popular, mass-market fiction resonates with those who desire a superficial escape from their daily drudgery – which is most of the modern-day working populous.

For a blog entitled “Read Think Travel“, you’d think that book reviews would be high on our To Do list but we’re probably too busy reading, thinking and travelling to make that a reality.
So please be patient! We will soon improve that section of Read Think Travel really soon!

Read Think Travel! Book reading in front of the swimming pool, with a bar in the pool.

We’ve all read book reviews that take us step-by-step through each chapter or ones that do not critique or challenge the author’s viewpoints and overall message. A book review should make the reader understand what they’ll get out of investing time (and money) into obtaining the book and how the book may impact their lives.

Our Book Reviews Introduction!

A book reviews resume of one line, or one word, who will straight resume the book (Or give a smile) to the ones who read it already, and intrigue others!

I. What is it about?

The type of book and a quick shuffle resume!

II. Like and dislike, our questions!

From the main feeling of the book, to the like and dislike! Obviously, everyone’s opinion is obviously unique, following the personal story who made us.

Does the book call us to action (actively or passively) or does it merely pique our interest but does nothing more?

  • What is the overall message of the book? Does it make sense and is it coherent or does the author jump from theme to theme without tying them together?
  • How applicable is the book in our lives? Does the book call us to action (actively or passively) or does it merely pique our interest but does nothing more? Can we derive tangible results from digesting and actioning the words printed in the book in question? Of course, this applies mainly to non-fiction, self-development-type works.
  • And what are the author’s voice and experience in their respective field? A book on being the best space engineer that you could possibly be written by a hairdresser may not stand up to scrutiny compared to one written by a NASA engineer 40 years deep into his career.
  • But what’s missing? No book is an island. So what do we feel is missing from the book’s message? What sections could be improved?
  • Which chapter(s) stood out to us? Often, a book chooses us and not the other way around. When you’re browsing the shelves of a bookshop, you’d stop at a particular tome for a reason unbeknownst to you. This is the “calling” of a book and different books resonate with different people. But let’s never judge a book by it’s cover!
  • What are the key takeaways? Also, what key messages do we take away from the book?
  • Is the book enjoyable? After all, reading should be enjoyable!

III. Main opinion!


Finally! So to round up the review!!
And the RTT review out of 5 (book) stars!

Meanwhile, Don’t be scared to share your own opinion of the book, if you read it already!!

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