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Travel and you will be rich – Old Arab Saying

Between reading books, thinking spiritually, and dreaming backpacker dreams, we launched ourselves into writing a blog to share our experiences and life.

First, let me present ourselves. Two entrepreneurs, drinking life from our travels and eating books to try to understand life. Our curious natures mean that we are constantly trying new things: from starting businesses to new self-development routines to exploring new countries.

Our journey is an inward one, too. We know that perfection doesn’t exist so we try to listen to the world and adapt ourselves, one step at a time.

She is a Leo blond girl, 26, with vanilla skin, preferring animals and tea with books and candles, than humans. She’s working on creating an automated website online, where patience and self-control are in short supply (she hates computers).

He is a Scorpio beardy man, 40, with a caramel skin and a fan of self-development, hard sci-fi and spiritual books. He’s driven by his Mauritian and Trinidadian blood to explore the world ( 35 countries so far). Coffee and books, you can enjoy his spirituality and self-control in any situation. He works in technology and is always eager to understand how new ideas are changing the human landscape around us.

Leaving tomorrow morning for a month in Bali, we decided to create this blog to help others (and out of love for the written word), and to share our experiences in one of the most spiritual and trendy places of the moment.

Well known for being close to nature, relaxing atmosphere, and the start-up hub, we decided to travel there for a cheaper cost of living, more healthy lifestyle, relaxing close to earth, and improve or finish our start-up with meeting some new contacts.

Objectives for her:

  • Finishing Blue Ink Karma
  • Exercise every day
  • Eating healthy 6 days a week
  • Regular, meaningful social media posts
  • One blog page every day
  • Reading 10 books

Objectives for him:

  • Achieve a viable work-life balance
  • Work out daily
  • Read 10 books
  • Connect with like-minded technologists
  • Find a tech-startup co-founder
  • Pray and connect with the Divine
  • Love harder

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