2 empty cups tea coffee, left over of a jet lagged couple in Singapore airport

Layover Zombies or Singaporeanly Jet Lagged

Yep, you know you’re a layover zombie when you can’t remember drinking the flat white that’s suddenly sitting, empty, in front of you. A Singaporean Jet lagged, with thousands of zombie likes in the airport.

We’ve just come off a 12+ hour flight to Changi Airport, Singapore. And your boy is bloated on aeroplane eggs and bread rolls. But where did that spare tire come from?

I. First feet on earth after 12h flights.

Changi airport Singapore, garden with fish and a bridge

To start, the flight was the usual Singapore Airlines fare – excellent at making you feel sedated whilst the firm-yet-polite emotional dissonance experts tend to your every need.

Man, I love the A380. And Singapore Airlines’ configuration in cattle class really is the best around. You fly with an eleven inches HD touch screen? Yep! Legroom? Yep! We were even impressed by the range of French movies on offer. (My girlfriend picked a delightful film: Tout Le Monde Debout).

II. Singapore Changi airport.

Butterfly Garden in Singapore airport T3

Now, imagine you’re sitting in T3 at Changi tired from zombie-shuffling through more duty-free than all of Europe’s airports combined. And awaiting our short hop over to Bali and a bed. And also a shower. Meanwhile, considering the hotel of the airport for few hours? So don’t worry, they even got the VIP lounge where there is beds for few hours sleep.

To start, it is very sad to be jet lagged to see the best airport waiting area in the world! Changi airport has everything, from hotels to a butterfly garden. Crossing by gardens in the middle of the hallway to finally offer the perfect Instagram post to any Instagram husband. (Even the worse ones)
Also, it is the world’s busiest airport in Asia, by cargo traffic and international travellers. So, even jet-lagged, you will still love waiting here.

Very often airlines make you have a long break there. As time flies faster because of the unlimited number of activities to do, and modern facilities. There is even a bus tour in the airport to visit Singapore, if you have more than 6h connection! (The tour only takes 1h30-2h).

But the trip was so long for us… So we just stand in our chairs, looking at each other without talking or even being on our phones… cwaffeee for jet-lagged…But who doesn’t have any effect…

Finally the beginning of a small adventure of 2 months in Bali…

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