volcano black sand beach in Amed Bali Indonesia

Are You a Fellow Beach Snob? Black Sand beach is the Cure

So many adventures and musings and so much laziness to battle through in order to write about them, I don’t know how you regular bloggers do it! There’s definitely a Catch-22 happening here: the more adventures and experiences you have, the less time you have to write about them and the more time you spend writing, the less time you have for building new experiences! But today, I will share my experience of Black sand beach with you.

I’m a card-carrying beach snob and I really don’t give a sh*t. I’ll compare every beach that I come across to the beaches of Mauritius, and Tobago

First, what is a real Black Sand Beach?

To start, the black sand is most often from the lava of volcanos, who arrived in the sea or on the beaches. And the years of the rage from the wild waves, transforming it in the tiniest dust they can! For example, one of the Black sand beach of Hawaii toke only 20 years, and another one open to the public only 2 years after! after a volcanic eruption.
As the sand is from basalt, the particules are slightly different and lighter. So the larger waves will sort out the grains, leaving deposits of heavy minerals. They will then be visible on the surface of erosion scarps.
Some other black sands are a different mixture, slightly magnetic, from placer deposits.

volcano black sand beach in Amed Bali Indonesia
A Black sand beach in Amed, Bali, Indonesia.

Less boring, back to our snobby story.

Anyway, here’s a short one about an affliction that, maybe, only some of us have: beach snobbery. Yep, a small population of God’s green Earth are bonafide beach snobs. We grew up on pristine white sands and crystal clear waters either in our homelands or our parent’s homelands or just beautiful beaches that we used to visit regularly as kids.

I’m a card-carrying beach snob and I really don’t give a sh*t. I’ll compare every beach that I come across to the beaches of Mauritius, and Tobago – the premier league of beaches. And people probably hate me for it but there’s no cure…until now.

Blue Lagoon beach in Bali. Volcanic rock receiving a wave from the sea.
Blue Lagoon Beach in the North of Bali. Volcanic rock.

No cures…until now.

You see, us beach snobs care about three important KPIs when it comes to evaluating a beach:

  1. The quality of the sand: powder-soft and white as a Klan member’s robe.
  2. The clearness of the water: this is a no-brainer. The presence of fish gets even more points.
  3. The relative stillness of the water: we don’t surf. We swim.

But, my KPIs are under threat. The black beach here in Amed, Bali, is stunning. The black sand is purely black and contrasts so well with the crystal clear, millpond-still, waters. The temperature (not a KPI, but still relevant) is like a bath on a cold November evening and the coral gardens are teeming with multicoloured fish of a variety of species – the coral are thriving, too.

So, Mr. Beach Snob is now Mr Confused Beach Snob. Or maybe, I should chill the f*ck out and enjoy the stunning black-sanded beaches of one of the most tranquil and beautiful places on Earth…

Are you a beach snob? So how were you cured? What are your favourite beaches? Find our article about The dolphins in Lovina Beach Bali!
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