book the introvert entrepreneur by beth buelow

Book Review: The Introvert Entrepreneur


On the flight into Singapore, I finished a wonderful book called The Introverted Entrepreneur by Beth Buelow. Now, I don’t consider myself as a total introvert, although my personality is skewed in that direction (I’m probably 60/40 introverted).

Why does this book resonate with me so? This year has been one of opening myself to entrepreneurship opportunities, co-founding three businesses and watching them hiccup and become stillborn in the process.

Whilst building these businesses, I keenly observed myself in a myriad of settings: meetings with co-founders, my own work in strategy, research and the other aspects of creating a business. What I found was that, in the context of becoming an entrepreneur, I gave into my introvert tendencies. This led me to believe that I was not being my authentic self. That I should be an extroverted salesman or be more aggressive in my business affairs. Basically, I thought that I should be an old school, stereotypical, businessman.

But, I am fundamentally not that. I speak with authority on subjects that I know, I research and prepare, I think deeply on subjects and enjoy problem-solving. I’m an introverted businessman. These qualities were ever-present when I worked in an office. So why did they only come to the fore when I tried going it alone?

Beth’s book resonates with me days after reading it. It is a blueprint that reassures me that I can be my authentic self. I can accept who I am in business and still build something successful. Yes, this year has been a business failure but Rome wasn’t built in a day and I won’t quit.

Once more into the breach of entrepreneurship but this time it’ll be as me.

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