What are the Galungan and Kuningan Balinese Celebrations?

bali ceremony street penjor bamboo poles

bali ceremony street penjor bamboo poles

Some of you may come to Bali for the Christmas season of this year (2018), and found surprising celebrations going all around Bali, for the 26th December. But beware, as THEY ARE NOT doing it for Christmas at all, as they don’t even celebrate! It is only a coincidence, if this year, our Xmas celebration is very close to one of their celebration, who happen every 6 months. The date is calculated according to the 210-day Balinese calendar.

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10 Things to Do in Amed, Bali

We’ve just come back from five stupendous days in sleepy, gorgeous Amed, located on the North Eastern tip of Bali. On a recommendation from a beautiful soul that we met in the Yellow Flower cafe, in Ubud, we booked a taxi over the weekend, with plans to only spend two nights in Amed…we ended up spending five!

Here are our 10 tips on getting the most out of one of Bali’s most stunning locations.

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Are You a Fellow Beach Snob? Black Sand is the Cure

So many adventures and musings and so much laziness to battle through in order to write about them, I don’t know how you regular bloggers do it! There’s definitely a Catch-22 happening here: the more adventures and experiences you have, the less time you have to write about them and the more time you spend writing, the less time you have for building new experiences!

I’m a card-carrying beach snob and I really don’t give a shit. I’ll compare every beach that I come across to the beaches of Mauritius, and Tobago

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Don’t Visit Bali in November (or the Time that Hubud Lent us an Umbrella)

Rain. I love tropical rain, especially when you’re at the beach and it’s 34 degrees celsius and you have a means of getting back to the hotel fairly painlessly.

This Balinese rain is something completely different. It’s like the heavens have decided to throw buckets of water at us at a rate of 20 buckets/second, with no letting up. Yes, it’s warm but we found out the hard way that the local Ubud cabbies don’t venture out in the rain past 8 pm. I tried Googling “Uber Ubud” to no avail (meh).

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The Shadow Behind Bali’s Temples

Temples. They are everywhere here in Ubud and across Bali. From the garden of your hotels to EVERY street corner.

And, every morning, Bali’s people will meditate and put flowers as offings in those temples, and in front of their houses. As this ritual is performed by everyone, you walk in Bali with the delicious perfume of the flowers, transporting to spiritual mode tourists soon take for granted.

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Read Think Travel!

Travel and you will be rich – Old Arab Saying

Between reading books, thinking spiritually, and dreaming backpacker dreams, we launched ourselves into writing a blog to share our experiences and life.

First, let me present ourselves. Two entrepreneurs, drinking life from our travels and eating books to try to understand life. Our curious natures mean that we are constantly trying new things: from starting businesses to new self-development routines to exploring new countries.

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